Sculpture 1 Blizzard Bag Found Object

Sculpture Blizzard Bag Assignment #1-A

**Depending on weather conditions, you may choose to complete Sculpture Blizzard Bag "Found Object" or "Snow Sculpture"

Create a 3-dimensional sculpture of a “creature” from 15 objects found around your home.

EMPHASIS: “Creature” sculpture made of objects found in your home
BALANCE: 3-dimensional and free-standing
MOVEMENT:  Sculpture should be visually interesting from all sides
UNITY:  Objects used should have a common theme (recyclables, kitchen utensils or appliances, desk items, shoes, sports equipment, socks, jewelry, toys…)  OR common element (objects all have the same color, shape, texture…)
CONTRAST: Minimum of 15 objects used
PROCESS:  Follow the directions of the project: collect objects, assemble, sketch or photograph, evaluate
CREATIVITY AND ORIGINALITY: Be creative with your ideas and your building techniques.
1. Collect at least 15 objects from around your home.  Example: Recyclables, kitchen utensils, desk items, pens, socks, shoes, sports equipment, jewelry, toys…
2. Experiment with assembling objects to create a 3-dimensional creature.  Experiment with the best use of material to hold pieces together.  Use twist ties, string, wire, glue, tape…whatever works
3. Assemble final sculpture meeting the above requirements
4. Photograph yourself with your completed sculpture.  If you can not take a picture, then draw a picture of your completed sculpture OR bring your sculpture to class.
5. Hand in photograph and self-evaluation

Measuring Spoon Creature
Chair sculpture
Push pin sculpture
Teapot Creature
Spatula Eagle

Core Competencies: 
1.  Appreciate the Fine Arts through the creation of artworks
2.   Create 3-dimensional works of art using a variety of media

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